It’s about time women rise up.

Anyone who knows me, also knows that I find women special. Not so much as a mother, or darling or pleasure for the eye, but as a phenomenon. I think women can save the world. So it’s about time that women rigorously shake off any kind of suppression and take the lead. Please note, I’m not talking of a manly version, neither of the surrogate men in pants and jacket, but the ones with full display of their intrinsic female qualities. Do I need to explain further?
Of course much has been achieved compared to the middle ages or ancient times. But on the other hand women’s student associations (in the Netherlands) have just merged with male fraternity in the late seventies. And my mother in law had to pray while she was washing her little lower abdomen. However unpleasant to admit, in the history of human kind women have been and still are the victims.
Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
For the sake of discussion I recite from the bible. But there are other holy books that are suppressing women even more so. Not to mention homosexuality by the way, because that is a crime punished with death in more than ten Islamic countries. Women are better off I grant, most of the time in most of the countries. But there are websites like ‘waaromislam’ that give me the shivers.
Enough about this, what I want to say is that since the beginning of mankind the man is the boss and that this is justified by creating Gods who are also men and consequently are also the Boss. With exception perhaps of the Goddess of the Sun ‘Amaterasu’, but her descendants became divine Japanese emperors, so again men took the lead.
The first human being was Adam, a man. Or from another vision it was Gayonard, also a man. According to the gospel of Zarathustra (Zoroatrism, now mainly the religion of the Parsi’s in India) Ahura Mada, god of the good, created the world and all creatures. His sixth task was to create Gayomard, but after this Ahriman the god of evil (devil) gave mankind illness and limited life.
So everything started with one man.
We know that Adam was modeled from terrestrial dust and that Eve – later while he was asleep – was modeled from his rib. This concept of course makes women from the start submissive to men. In the three important religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, this story of creation is the same. Later, when women were starting to ask attention, things became complicated. This already began with JWHW who had two wives Ohola and Oholiba. And with Eve of course, causing our fall from paradise, making women to blame for all earthly misery. The only reason a woman was looked upon with respect, was because she gave birth to progeny. Remember Sara, who at old age and with the help of God had to bring Isaac (Jitschak, Ishaq) into the world to ensure the survival of the people. Not forgetting mother Mary who, without sex, carried a child, a boy of course.
The most emancipated woman in the old times was probably Kadija. She was a rich and well educated woman from a high family, with her own trading company. She married Mohammad when she was 40 and he 25. She looked after him like a mother, especially because he was a seeker and often withdrew in a cave, where eventually he got a vision and became the messenger of God. Kadija was his first convert and she spoke the memorable words: ‘there is no other God than Allah and Mohammad is his prophet’.
All prophets are men. Men with men around, Jezus with his disciples, Mohammad with his friends, Elia with the sons of prophets, the pope with the cardinals, in short, preachers, priests, pastors, pilgrims, prophets, for women pain starts with the p of Papa, a word by the way that is more than 50.000 years old according to French language researchers.
And what about Mama? I will come back to this.
While all this sort of thoughts ghosts through my head during sleepless nights, I read that the Salafists are expending and that students are trained at the university of Medina to become a fundamentalist imam. University. Herein lies the concept of universal as well as universe. Makes one think of space, with visions of commonality, openness, but in Medina the university teaches narrowing and short-sightedness. Here imams get a free training to preach the only true religion all over the world – if necessary with violence – sponsored by Saudie Arabia. Back to zero is their motto. Teachers, like professor Abdullah al-Adani find that women should not whine while they are beaten and when their husband has multiple wives they should not whine either, because God has allowed polygamy (up till 4 wives). Teacher Abdurahman Muhiddin says that the place of a woman is at home and that she may only go out if strictly necessary and in that case shameful behavior is prescribed.
Here you are madam, don’t think now that religion is the only offender. Maybe it’s the instigator. Because in all religions men are playing the main part. Dominance by men is a global issue. In movies and especially now in games violence and intimidation are presented as acceptable behavior. In many cultures the woman is looked upon as an inferior being. Hinduism for instance prescribes how the woman should lie at the feet of her man. Our feminist wave of the seventies has been broken by a glass ceiling. The actual situation is that little girls in public swimming pools get the advice to dress decently.
Old civilizations often have a Mother Goddess. Like Ishtar in Mesopotamia, Bastet in Egypt or our own Germanic Freya. And if we go further backwards one could say that the important rotation took place when man settled as a farmer. The mythology of the Mesolithicum , more that 10000 years A.D., tells us Mama (Mami, Mamu) is the creator of all that exists. Mother was the boss. The Goddess Movement believes that mankind originally was living in a peaceful matriarchate, with a Mother Goddess. Only during the bronze age this was displaced by an androcentric culture with a male God. Androcentrism means the male is the norm, the female being deviant and subordinate. It’s the archetype of sexism. Interesting to find a parallel in Buddhism. Here also one finds this rotation, or call it revolution, the battle between knowing and feeling, between head and heart as the seat of Wisdom. War and imperialism don’t go together with a peaceful matriarchate. This is how Buddhism became male too, although Tara – who is the mother of all Buddha’s – keeps giving hope. Her name means ‘she who liberates’. Because it is necessary, for complete equality and equilibrium, for saving our world, to have both the female and the male, I call women to stand up. Not like Margaret Thatcher who made war and was prepared to sacrifice her son, nor like Hillary or Theresa or Marine, but like Tara, she who in all cultures wants to help women considered inferior, to show men that femininity is not inferior but that on the contrary feminine energy is leading to Enlightenment.